How to start a friendship online

This is an interesting one that in my opinion is usually gone about wrong. Now i’m not saying that there are steps. No there isn’t any steps because everyone is unique and in reality there is no format that fits everyone. What i’m going to talk about in this post is what you shouldn’t do when starting a new friendship with someone online. Ill try to give tips that work for all communication websites or apps etc.

First off never accept a friend request if you can’t be there for the next 15-30 minutes. If they sent the friend request don’t accept it until you can be there for a bit to talk to them and introduce yourself. This shows stability and makes it easier to hang around you. At a max don’t accept the friend request for 2ish days. Go beyond that and they will think you just forgot or never saw it. Do not build a reputation of instantly accepting all friend requests, you will regret it.

If you sent the friend request. Basically don’t spam, now I don’t mean like saying the letter “L” 512,349 times. I mean like saying, “How you doing?” “What’s up?” “Want to hang out?” “My name is blank.”. Give them a chance to answer your first question. If you spam like this and jump around they are gonna be uncomfortable as to what to answer too and what is relevant.
Rule of thumb here, Questions can be typed a lot faster than answers.

Here is what I say when I get a friend request from someone I don’t know, and I have consistently said this for a long time. “Heyo! Wass up?” Yes, “Heyo” is incorrect spelling. But it brings a level of comfort. It’s a greeting that’s not too formal but gets to the point. “Wass up?” I’m basically saying all the things above in two words. As well as asking why they added me. Then you leave it at that and wait for them to answer. It could take a while but if they never answer just move on. Maybe they didn’t mean to send a friend request.

Next thing to never do. Never invite people you just friended to your “group” i’ve made this mistake and its a sure fire way for someone to unfriend you right off the bat. Get to know them and if you see that they might be interested then do it. But give the friendship time to grow. Wether that’s by talking to them, offering advice, playing games with them if you’re a gamer etc.

Another rule of thumb for online friendships. Everyone wants to talk about themselves, let them. If they ask about you then answer. But let them lead the conversation, don’t try to point it back to you. If they care then they will ask.

Another thing, be a good listener. Some people just want people to listen. Even if they know you aren’t really apart of said thing. This doesn’t mean let people stop on you at all, but try to be respectful.

If someone is telling a story try not to interrupt, but also answer from time to time to show your still reading what they are saying.

Here is my last tips on this for now. These aren’t something you have to do but I recommend it.
• Don’t be a friend collector. Everyone hates those, no one cares that you have 700 friends.
• Don’t be the person to unfriend someone. If they want the friendship to end let them end it. Don’t do it yourself. If you are like “Oh I have 100 people on my friends list I never talk to.” Then go talk to them

Thank you for reading! I hope these tips can help out with your future friendships!



DISCLAIMER: As already said these are tips for online. There are plenty of sources to tell you how to make friends in real life.


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