We can love each other as a family online, and here is why.

My friend Doodle Dodo, made a birthday present for TestingSubject in my group Plus+

This following poem is that present:
This life…. We live in….
I will never give up I must win

I can change my world If I want to
I can surpass all and anyone! …. But never be like you..

For you are the Dawn that lights up the night
And you are the comet that pleases the sights

For you….. and me… and all our family
These days we stroll the meadows happily We will forever be friends… you, me, and everybody!

We fight and win our battles for what is right
We are filled with hope and brimming with light

For these happy fun memories we all treasure
These Happy times we all cherish together

So never let go of my hand, never let go of those times we have spent
Those feelings of sadness and despair we will mend
So Let’s make more happy memories until we part our ways and meet our end…..

This meant a lot to me to read, because it was aimed at plus, as well as a present for Testing.
We are family. We are proving it everyday!


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